The fabric of time is seriously warped in whatever this dimension resembles.

Like phases of the moon, lulling the tide to do ones biding.

Like seasons of the year in their quad of a mixture.

I am going through what feels to be like these phases almost. As i vaguely remember stating before was this life of mine is like and endless, categorised reel; on constant repeat.

Basically i need to solve the riddle of how to stop at least; and then even maybe change that fruitcake repeating reel.

Transformations can happen overnight no matter what others may say or think, but sometimes when the threshold of the tolerance of negativity in any form, one way or another.

This sudden break in mentality unleashes a wild fury, a strength to fuck that crap off completely.

For example, imagine situations and relationships with people in life resembling a packaged, sliced loaf of bread.

Negativity eats them breadcrumbs up till the last slice is consumed.

This is the main point, so do you take that empty plastic bread bag and chew on it like a stinky goat all your life?

Hell fucking no! you throw that shit straight in the bloody bin mate.


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