“Those who wait, always prevail.” – Myself.

Rushing through any given situation or decision is always going to end up not quite as pictured vaguely before taking the leap. From simple things like painting your nails red and then smearing the impossible colour everywhere after changing your mind. May just be me, but I find this analogy quite relevant.

A significant aspect to my life, which I have learnt to appreciate once consumed with “rash” decisions and crazy thoughtless acts – ones I thought of after my actions; a residing consequence, the nature in which 50/50.

Now, I don’t know if by sheer coincedence of my 24th in a month; or a gradual breakdown, of an unrelentless connection felt only by me until now.

It’s like an epiphany of sorts, or a realisation of “You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone” – sort of thing on his part.

I don’t know and to be fair I have no intention of questioning my luck anymore and in-fact just to be grateful for my adoration being finally returned.

On other news, the “being social” portion of Emma has ceased again for awhile it seems; from unwilling to interact, to being careless to the company in which I often kept. I have inevitably reached a brick wall of basically bullshit of others. I feel selfish in saying I have no time for troubled souls who I thought were sincere; but seriously, I’m crazy enough without that wreckless lifestyle poop.


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